La Famiglia Desideri


La Famiglia Desideri - Cialde di Montecatini Terme

Desideri Family started in the artigianal production of traditional Tuscan biscuits in the early 1900s. Their history began with the knowledgeable work of their great-grandfather: Stefano Desideri, who travelling around the small towns in Tuscany, sold his “chicci” (“sweet specialities”) in fairs and local markets. The Brigidini di Lamporecchio, that are from his home town “Lamporecchio”, became Stefano’s speciality so that in 1911 these won him the golden medal at Milan international trade show.

Thanks to his passion and ambition, in few years, Desideri could open a new shop in Montecatini Terme, prestigious and very popular thermal centre in Tuscany.

In Montecatini they also started the production of Cialde di Montecatini, the typical sweet crunchy biscuit made in this thermal town.

Since then, the family recipes have been handed down from father to son and his grandsons, Giacomo e Luca, continue to produce the Cialde di Montecatini and Brigidini di Lamporecchio following the family tradition and using particular machine designed by Stefano Desideri.

The production is almost entirely handmade and for this reason, every Desideri’s speciality is unique and full of tradition. After three generations, in our cookies you can always find the ancient flavor but also modernity and innovation.

They use few ingredients for their production like the free-range eggs from a local farm, closed to their plant, Italian flour and sugar and first class almonds.

The raw materials are traceable and, where possible, they came from surrounding area, because they want to identify their self with the local culture and its peculiarity.

You can recognized every Desideri’s product for its naturalness, for the total absence of colourings and preservatives and for its artisanal production. All these peculiarities make this small family company an excellence.