Cialde di Montecatini 6.0

Cialde of Montecatini Terme 6.0

True to our company philosophy, mixing tradition and innovation, we created Cialde di Montecatini 6.0: the same quality and flavor of the traditional Cialde, but in only 6 centimeter of diameter. They are available in the classic round shaped, but also in heart and triangle shaped.

They are versatile, appetizing, born to satisfy a little gluttonous desire.

They are tasty with their typical flavor and fancy when coated with dark chocolate.

The receipt has a very old story, but the ingredients are always the same that you can use to make a delicious homemade cake.

A simple batter made with flour, milk and eggs is poured, cooked and pressed in a metal mold. Two rounds of wafers thus produced are filled with a mixture of sugar, crushed almond and vanilla and then recooked.

Cialde are a sweet  crunchy brittle golden wafer full of almond flavor with a note of vanilla. They are Montecatini’s most characteristic biscuits. On these round wafers you can find the typical pattern of Montecatini Terme (one of the most important thermal centre in Tuscany).

Cialde di Montecatini are a very special cookie. They are perfect in every moments of the day: from a genuine break  to a refined dessert, thanks to the almonds and their properties.

Cialda is excellent by itself, to catch the flavor of the almonds and vanilla. Ideally enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee. It’s amazing with chocolate, ice-cream and whipped cream.

Ingredients: almonds, Italian sugar, flour type 1, milk, local fresh eggs, vanilla natural flavor.