When talents and ingenuity unite, the result can be only a great idea: this is the case of “Cantumatti”, crisp cup made with the same dough of Cantuccini di Prato.

Cantumatti have a recent tale. They are idealized during a job trip in Japan in 2012, when the master ice-cream maker Palmiro Bruschi had this wonderful idea. He was thinking about a new biscuit that could be used not only in the pastry but also in the ice-cream world.

So Giacomo Desideri and Palmiro Bruschi created this extravagant product, starting from the most typical and popular Tuscan biscuit: the Cantuccino di Prato.

Also the name of this new creation came out during this special evening in Japan from these genius: the Cantumatto, the combination between “Cantuccio” and “matto” (that means “Crazy” in Italian).

After a lot of experiments and a precise work, here’s our Cantumatto: the Cantuccio di Prato changes shape and becomes a crunch cup for ice-cream, mousse, fresh fruit or every other delicious dessert. We obtain this amazing result also thanks to the assistance and precious suggestions of our friend and pastry Daniele Chieli. Together we improved the production process and the receipt so that today Cantumatto is our proper pride. Cantumatto is an exclusive of Famiglia Desideri.

As each Desideri’s product, also Cantumatto is made with high quality and selected ingredients: flour type 1, Italian sugar, fresh local eggs and almonds.