Cantucci di Prato

Cantucci of Prato

The “Cantuccino” is the typical and most famous dried and crunchy Tuscany cookie. Its name derives from the word “canto” , that means a secluded spot, or from the Latin word “cantellus” , that means a piece or a slide of bread, cheese….

This is the origin of the name “Cantuccino” and the traditions also wants that we eat it dipping in the Vinsanto sweet wine. It’s delicious with tea, coffee or cappuccino, too.

The Desideri’s Cantuccino is made following the ancient receipt, without butter and selecting top quality ingredients: flour (type 1), 30% of almonds, Italian sugar, fresh local eggs, wildflower honey, and orange flavor.

Before we knead the ingredients mechanically and after we continue by hand making small long loaves (filoncini). After baking, when Cantuccini are still warm, we cut by hand, as making our grandfather. The hand work and this particular process allowed to our Cantuccini to acquire a unique softness and delightfulness in your mouth.

For the chocolate lovers, we have also made “Cantuccini MACHO” with pieces of chocolate and orange peel and Cantucci Tuffati, covered with pure dark chocolate.