Brigidini di Lamporecchio

I Brigidini di Lamporecchio

Brigidini of Lamporecchio

Brigidini of Lamporecchio

Brigidini al cacao

Everywhere in Tuscany you can find a surprise. Every city, every town has its landscape, historical, artistic or culinary peculiarity.

In Lamporecchio, a little town closed to Pistoia, was born a crisp wavy wafer delicate flavored with anise. It’s called Brigidino di Lamporecchio.

Brigidini cookies can be found at most fairs in Tuscany and even beyond, sold at stands that sell candy, gummies and nut confections.

Everything started from there, when at the beginning of 1900 Stefano Desideri’s grandfather sold brigidini at local fairs and after he became to produce them. Today we continue to make brigidini following his receipt.

Brigidino is a very simply and genuine cookie made only with 4 ingredients: local eggs, flour type 1, Italian sugar and anise. This last ingredient tell us a beautiful tale about the born of these cookies, that were created in the convent of Santa Brigida by nuns. One time they made a mistake preparing the dough for the hosts. The nuns didn't want to throw away everything, so they add anise and sugar: in this way were born the Brigidini di Lamporecchio.

Brigidino di Lamporecchio has a irregular round shape. It has a golden color and a stylized flower patterned in the centre. Once made by hand, they are now made on machines designed by Stefano Desideri.

It’s difficult to explain the Brigidino: you must only try and enjoy it!

It’s better appreciated with a glass of Vinsanto, like a dessert. It becomes a sin of gluttony with chocolate or ice-cream. But it’s also a simple genuine snack eating by itself.

Our Brigidini di Lamporecchio are available also with coffee or pistachio flavor.

Ingredients: fresh local eggs, flour of type 1, sugar, anise.